We are introducing Earring configurator

Design children’s earrings to your liking in 4 simple steps. All from home, online and at standard prices.

Earrings easily and quickly

We all know the situation when we are looking for something and we finally realize that despite the large offering we cannot find what we wanted. Therefore, we have prepared a unique configurator for you enabling you to design children’s or babies’ earrings exactly to your liking.

01Select the nicest shape

Check out over 100 different earring shapes from our collection and select the one you like most – animals, stars, flowers, hearts and more.

Vyberte tvar náušniček

02Select your colour of gold

Select one of the three colours of gold – white, yellow or pink. The selected colour is displayed in the preview to make decision making easier for you. If you cannot decide you might find helpful our short article advising which colour of gold to select.

Náušnice white - bílé zlato Vyberte barvu zlata

03Select your colour of stone

Select one of 12 beautiful colours of stone. You can select either by the favourite colour of your little girl or by the colour typology. A few tips on making the choice can be found in the article advising how to select the colour of stone. Referred tips on colour typology can also be find there.

Náušnice ruby dark - bílé zlato Vyberte barvu kamene

04Decide on an appropriate fastening

Select the appropriate fastening by age of your little girl. If you are unsure which fastening to select, definitely read our article on children's earrings fastening. Front back fastening is most suitable for babies, while leverback or push on / screw off back fastening suits more the little ladies.

Náušnice ruby dark - bílé zlato, klapka vysací Vyberte zapínání náušniček

Your unique earrings are done

In the last step, you can view your designed earrings. You will be able to view the look, price and availability. The selected earrings do not have to be ordered immediately, you can just add them to favourites and send the link to your family members or friends to take a look.

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Inspire the others! Try to design the children’s earrings as you like it

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