Piercing the children’s ears

When selecting the first earrings for your little girl, you have to i rozhodování kdy a jak nechat ouška propíchnout. There are essentially two options – piercing with a needle or with a gun if you do not wait until your little princess can decide herself, whether she wants or does not want to get her ears pierced.

To pierce with a needle or with a gun?

Piercing with a needle is a classic that has been done by many ears, it is cheaper and the purchased earrings can be worn on the ear immediately. Inserting the children’s earrings using a special piercing gun is relatively newer and ever more popular method. It is generally less painful, but its price is higher. The decision is therefore only up to you. We recommend you select an experienced and verified expert.

When to get her ears pierced?

Another question of almost every mum and dad when purchasing the first children’s earrings. Again, this is up to consideration and decision of the parents. However, the experts advise not to get the ears pierced sooner than in 3 months when the baby is vaccinated and protected against tetanus.

Care for children’s ear after piercing

Freshly pierced holes in the ears should be left to rest. Any contact with the wound only increases the possibility of infection, therefore it is advisable to avoid excessive use of ointments, creams, alcohol or even a special treatment that should be applied on inflammatory skin diseases only.

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